Friday, June 16, 2006

Desinformatzia and the Islamic Agenda

Last night I attended the New York screening of the documentary American Zeitgeist: crisis & conscience in an age of terror, shown at the New York Society for Ethical Culture.

The documentary recommends itself as one that “ resists political agenda”, “presenting a a bigger picture in a wider historical perspective” beginning with the Afghan-Soviet War in 1979 and ending with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Forty “leading brains” ( amongst well known policy makers, academics and journalists, together with Imams, and terrorists, ramble on presenting their views. According to the film’s advertising and reviews it’s “aim is to awaken the consciousness-and conscience-of the audience” (a mixed group of professionals, students and the curious like me, who received the invitation because of this blog) “within a wider historical framework…rather than play the blame game…”

Two years ago in Spain I discovered a series of articles labeled Disinformatzia, (the Goebbels-Soviet-KGB-state-of-the art-manipulative schemers of influencing public opinion by subtle misinformation) which would present to the reader, under a shocking title, a verbatim account of the article (usually negative and filled with distortions) that appeared in the mainstream media.

The author , who misrepresented himself as a conservative American spokesperson, was a local self labeled ex-communist. He explained to me on more than one occasion that his goal was to salvage the US Constitution by exposing the country’smainstream media’s negative articles on US foreign and domestic policy and countering that information with valid facts.

The reason I bring this up is because what I saw yesterday brought back to me the nightmare I encountered two years ago. I spent several months convincing people of what I perceived. The film, is in essence a documentary and shows Bin Laden and terrorists in Afghan camps riding on horseback and living in filth, romantically described as “cowboys”(wishful thinking) with scenes of the horrible attacks on the WTC, the Pentagon, the USS Cole, and going back to the Carter years plus interviews to these 40 individuals, whose actual words may have been taken out of context to fit the plans of the “evil” orchestrators.

In my most humble opinion, behind this Disinformatzia documentary must be the tentacles of an Islamic organization bent on influencing American public opinion.

Since they cannot bomb us in our homeland, thanks to our valiant troops out in the Middle East theatre and the perseverance and backbone of this Administration, they are financing and pushing the “useful idiots”, westerners and traitors with a communist agenda, who, in their passion to find fault in our heritage and values allow themselves to be used and manipulated. How on earth would one have to listen and view on the screen an irate Imam crying blood and death on Americans while at the same time viewing flashes of juxtaposed scenes of President Bush with Mubarak or Prince Saud of Saudi Arabia… The idea, which again, in my mho, was very obvious and the underlying premise for the whole documentary, is that the US is responsible for the chaos in the Middle East, and all these “terrorists” were created by all the Administrations, past and present. In other words, it’s all our fault.

This of course also reminds me of the article I placed on this blog and which I copied under my title, “Are we Christians the “useful idiots” and willing executioners of Islamic Terrorism?” . The article: “ Divestment: the how to Manual” is authored by David Meir Levi in FrontPage Magazine, an eye opener for those of us who are not academics, journalists or “leading brains".

“First in universities, then in main line churches, and now in the Green Party, anti-Israel left-wing activists are taking their instruction from this manual and launching divestment campaigns “by the book.” The almost cookie-cutter character of these campaigns is strong evidence that their perpetrators have followed the Arab manual’s instructions step by step. The same is true of the academic boycotts of Israel in the USA and the UK.”

Another poignant comment by the author is the statement that ‘ What many of us do not know, is the degree to which that fifth column infiltration has been successful. Our failure in this first rule of warfare is due in part to the sophistication of that infiltration, its use of western operatives of all religions, and the degree to which those operatives have insinuated themselves into so many aspects of the woof and warp of our society.

The clearest example of this infiltration is the divestment strategy”. (

Food for thought. Food for action.

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